Providing Food

Our nation is still dealing with the most of poor people who cannot have a two-time daily food to eat. Rupee One foundation raises funds to give them the basic eating grains and food availabilities. Still, India has crores of people who are poor and do not earn sufficient to have a two-time meal. Think about the small children who are compelled to sleep hungry, and the men, women who have to cut days without proper food availability. We arrange sufficient grains for their whole family as a favor from the fund we receive in our charity box. Under our “Food for all” plan, we aim to make our nation free of hunger, food starvation and deaths due to malnutrition. And not only us, but we are also taking every one of you in this mission as well. Your ₹1 a day can give food to all such people and in return, you get the blessings and satisfaction to help the ones who require it.