Open and Maintain Old Age Homes

These days we can see many cases of elderly people been thrown out of their own house, by their own child. The old people are helpless, and without a comfort zone, they won’t be able to live freely and respectfully. Relfo wants to open and maintain full-fledged old age homes for such needy people. So that they won’t feel home-sick and could live their life with respect. Its always been in our tradition, to respect and take care of our elder generation. And we aim to take our Indian culture up with our honest approach, where you can help the old people by donating just ₹1 to our site. The generated fund will be used to create well-ventilated old-age homes and you will be directly helping the old, homeless people. Our belief relies in building up an environment where no one is homeless, or disrespected in any terms, and we are continuously working towards this.