Our endeavor “Rupee One Foundation” is an ambitious project headed by Kunjit Patel and supported by the team talented, skilled and professional social workers. India is a great land, and we take pride to belong to this country. Our culture is most important to us, we not only maintain it but are also keen to help every such person who is in need of any help with life’s general-to-specific fundamentals. Our foundation is simply a thought in relation to raising another helping hand in favor of the students, fresher graduates, the poor, lower-middle class, homeless, foodless and unemployed community of people. We have created this foundation with an aim to connect to more and more people, and in return, we only ask for a donation, just ₹1, which we use for charity purpose.

Rupee one foundation is an emerging array of hope for enabling the folks to lead a life of their choice. We believe that with more engagement of people, we can create a nation where no one will be poor, no one will have a capital shortage, or food crises. We see our people as happy ones, without facing any shortage of job, opportunities, and being unskilled.

Bharat is a nation with the most Youth community in the world. The young Brigade are the life of our country. But it is very unfortunate when an Engineer, MBA or Ph.D. holder ends up working at wages of a normal clerk. Just because the fresher hasn’t got the proper job opportunity, our fresher graduates are ending up opting for wrong career options, doing suicides and diminishing their actual talents. Rupee One Foundation helps all such students to showcase their capabilities by giving them the right platform. We arrange campus interviews, skill development programmes, and various other measures to help the folks get employed for a reason.

Education is an important part of every child’s life, and they should not be separated from getting fundamental knowledge. So that the children could develop a polite, strong and wise character and help in the making of the nation. For those students who don’t have the required capital to pursue higher studies, Rupee One foundation is just another companion. With the help of the fund we receive, we help students take admission in the best schools, colleges, and even universities to make their dreams come true. Similarly, our initiative “Home for all” is for helping the poor ones to get their own home, so that they need not live outside in the cold, rain and hurting summers. “Food for all” help the ones with food shortage. And this is not all, we even care about the animals as well. The Cow, who is our Mother, our foundation aims to work for providing insurance for every Cow and also create Gaushalas to teach the children their importance. You can find a detailed look at all our projects on the page “Our Mission”.

For all these reasons, we have put on our honest efforts in the form of this foundation, and we seek help from all our country people to contribute their ₹1 help to paint the colorless lives of the needy people. We want our students to reach the highest peak of their education, career and life’s achievements. With just ₹1, we can change the world!