Donate Cow

The Cow is an integral part of ancient tradition. Our Foundation will provide insurance for keeping the Cows and help children understand her importance by opening Gaushalas. The word ‘Gaushala’ comes from our Indian culture, and it holds great importance in our overall history of tradition and rooted upbringings. The Cow has always been the center of our living, but their slaughter, unnecessary hybrid, using chemicals on them has resulted in unwanted deaths and torture. Also, in our culture, there is a belief that when someone dies, the family members should donate a Cow. But dishonest ones can make money profits out of it. So to prevent such situations, Rupee One foundation will help you to buy the Cow you want and get an insurance cover on her. As long as your Cow will live, you can recognize her with the tagmark we’ll be having to make it easier. And in this way, we can benefit society 2 in 1 way, keep our culture unaffected by the problems and distrust, and teach our children to respect and honor the Cows.