We are Social workers who want to contribute in building up of the life of the folks who cannot afford to pursue the basic living standards of life. Rupee One Foundation is a helping hand for all such communities who don’t have the fundamental utilities. And not only we focus on students, professionals & human beings charity, but we also have love and respect for our animals too. The Cow is our mother and we make sure She is treated like one through our ‘Donate Cow’ plan. We seek help from every one of our country people, to donate the least amount from their daily wages, just ₹1 as capital for making this Emerging Social work reaching all the corners!

You can donate either ₹1 or ₹11 as a helping amount. We don’t accept any more amount than these two. Our main Purpose is connecting to More People with Less Money contribution, and ₹1 is the perfect amount to have more people joining in our revolution!